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ITSF 09 - Time & Sync in Telecoms

11/2/09 11:38 PM - 11/5/09 12:38 AM
HostAvren events
The 7th Time & Synchronisation in Telecoms Symposium<br /><br />ITSF 2008 was held in Munich at the City Hilton Hotel and organised for the first time by Avren Events. Yet another success, despite the looming clouds of recession rolling in from the World Banking industry! Over 130 delegates from more than 20 countries attended during the three days and participated in presentations and discussion regarding future direction for time and timing technology in telecom networks.<br /><br />The delegates heard how the "simple" world of TDM timing is evolving dramatically and new standards have now emerged from ITU and IEEE which are changing the fundamental way major telecom operators (both wireline and wireless) architect their networks. Ethernet - which used to be an asynchronous transport medium, is now able to be synchronous. This disruptive step in telecom network architecture evolution, alluded to back during the ITSF first meeting in 2001 is now emerging from the R&D labs of major manufacturers and carriers into real-world infrastructure.<br /><br />Planning is well underway for the 7th International Telecom Synchronisation Forum meeting to be held in Rome, Italy from 3rd-5th November 2009.<br /><br />During 2009 Ethernet backhaul became a reality. In many cases mobile backhaul timing will be delivered over Ethernet using Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) or PTPv2 techniques. How well will next generation mobile networks operate with these new timing transport technologies? The wireless operators are now exploring LTE technology for delivery of super fast bandwidth to the edge. The wireline operators are now trialing GPON technology with fiber to the cabinet or even home for super fast broadband. If quality of services, deployment challenges and timing itself in tomorrow’s telecom networks are important to you, you need to be at ITSF in Rome. So, as we further develop transmission technology to handle more and more bandwidth, ask yourself the following questions:<br /><br /> *<br /> Do you understand the need for synchronisation?<br /> *<br /> Do you recognise the impact of loss of sync on your application?<br /> *<br /> Do you understand the link between QoS and synchronisation?<br /> *<br /> Can support and operating costs be improved by the effective deployment of synchronisation (sync) solutions?<br /> *<br /> Is there a link between your revenue and quality of sync?<br /> *<br /> Are you aware how the introduction of new technologies such as LTE, WiMax, TDD, GPON, SyncE, PTPv2 could impact IPTV, MBMS, VoIP etc and your company's future operations?<br /><br />There is a proven need for synchronisation, that's why more than $200m a year, is spent on synchronisation products by Network Operators and Service Providers around the globe.<br /><br />So, whether you represent a Network Operator, Service Provider, System's Integrator, Equipment Vendor or Enterprise user this conference provides the knowledge and industry contacts you need to be successful.<br /><br />Who Should Attend?<br /><br />The 7th Time & Synchronisation in Telecoms symposium will again present a unique opportunity to mix with experts in the field from all areas of synchronisation and is a must for:<br /><br /> *<br /> Network designers, planners & architects<br /> *<br /> Service & support engineers<br /> *<br /> Core & access network strategists<br /> *<br /> Transmission planners<br /> *<br /> Sync & standards specialists<br /> *<br /> Silicon, FPGA designers<br /> *<br /> Equipment designers<br /> *<br /> Academics Involced with Telecom Networks<br /> *<br /> Network operators<br /> *<br /> Anyone working in new technologies such as SyncE, PTPv2, LTE, GPON, WiMax, TDD<br /> *<br /> Anyone working in applications such as IPTV, VoIP, MBMS<br /> *<br /> Product designers of clock recovery circuits & phase locked loops telecom infrastructure equipment will also find the conference useful<br /><br />This event is managed by Avren Events on behalf of the International Telecom Sync Forum. <br /><br />Visit
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