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TeleStrategies' 2010 eCare and Billing Output

9/22/10 10:19 AM - 9/23/10 11:19 AM
VenueMiami, Florida, USA
Telco eCare and Billing Ouput is a two-track program designed to show operators how to deliver an outstanding care and billing output experience -- while driving out costs and operations overhead.<br /><br />The eCare track looks at how operators can transform every conceivable customer touch point -- ordering, provisioning, billing and care -- to an electronic interface. Specific topics covered include:<br /><br /> * Portal and self-service interface design issues and the self-care experience<br /> * Incentives for self-service – what works, what doesn’t<br /> * Mobile apps for self-care<br /> * Blending and integrating speech technologies with self-care interfaces<br /> * Best practices and experience in hand-off between self-care and the call center<br /> * Integrating billing, CRM and other back-office systems<br /> * Leveraging social networks for care and support<br /> * Optimizing web portal for complex, dynamic service configuration parameters (e.g., bandwidth control, application usage, family plans, etc.) on the e-interface<br /> * Measuring and monitoring the e-interface<br /> * Protecting your brand online<br /> * Identifying and streamlining common transactions<br /> * Measuring the cost savings and performance of your e-interfaces<br /> * Personalizing the e-care experience<br /> * Integrating e-channels with the contact centers<br /> * Leveraging customer analytics and business intelligence with the self-care interface<br /> * Exploiting advertising, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities<br /><br />The Billing Output track covers the latest information and technologies that help operators reduce print fulfillment costs, increase efficiency, minimize call center interaction, leverage print investments and expedite the revenue collection process. Specific topics include:<br /><br /> * print statement production, presentation and mailing distribution;<br /> * statement design;<br /> * postal regulations and updates;<br /> * transitioning to all electronic billing - how, what works, and what doesn't;<br /> * transpromotion;<br /> * outsource vendor management;<br /> * payment management;<br /> * and more!<br /><br />Given today's competitive landscape, it is our view that a quality self-service and billing experience has become the key differentiator to retaining customers, driving margins and lowering operating costs. Whether you represent a wireline, wireless, cable, Internet provider - or are in the content business - this conference will show you how to get there.<br />For more information,
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