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2nd Annual Customer Loyalty & Retention Conference

7/27/10 11:57 AM - 7/28/10 4:57 PM
HostFleming Gulf Conferences
VenueJohannesburg, South Africa
Telecom operators are becoming more and more competitive in terms of delivery of service to its customers. Customers are taking advantage of this and demanding higher service standards. There is a shift from being a mere network operator to delivering more personalized services which customers are demanding.<br /><br />Customers want to know if their individual concerns are being addressed. With high churn rate, developing loyalty among existing customers is a priority. With Africa predicted to grow at an average of 4.3% in 2010, communications becomes an important part of business. Therefore, how do you enhance customer experience for B2B customers who drive growth? Telecom Operators are also exploring the viability of outsourcing their customer service operations to BPO’s. but the big question here is ‘How many qualified BPO’s exist in Africa?’<br /><br />This conference will bring together the best African telecoms experts over two HIGHLY INTERACTIVE days. This is your opportunity to network with your colleagues, competitors & counterparts & come with more effective and strategic approaches for better customer service.<br />For more information:
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