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How do we reach Digital Inclusion timelines?

7/14/20 10:00 AM - 7/14/20 11:00 AM

Sponsored by SES.

Given today’s circumstances, keeping families in touch, enabling work and study from home, and supporting first responders are even more critical. Helping the entire world stay connected has become a shared goal. Global connectivity requires an intricate ecosystem of partners, each providing their expertise, and the satellite industry plays a unique role in offering coverage for backhaul connectivity in all parts of Asia-Pacific. With only 48.8% in Asia-Pacific connected online, how can satellite operators, telecommunications industries, and government organisations collaborate to achieve digital inclusions and connect users today? What does the future hold for this dynamic partnership, and how can the next-generation, multi-orbit satellite communications systems help bridge the digital divide?


Harsh Verma, Sales Director for Asia Fixed Data Segment at SES Networks
Christian Olsson, Senior Manager Segment Market Management, Telco MNO ISP at SES Networks
Sidney Roberts, Airband Initiative, Microsoft 


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