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Getting Around Smart Cities

6/23/20 4:30 PM - 6/23/20 7:30 PM
VenueRemote, from Silicon Valley CA
RegionNorth America

By 2030, the world is projected to have 43 megacities with more than 10 million inhabitants. In general, global populations are urbanizing, but congestion and pollution have shown us that the 20th Century models of how we move people and goods around cities simply won't work. The 21st Century city needs 21st Century mobility solutions.


At this meeting, we'll learn how cities will optimize transport, mobility, and logistic systems, will facilitate multi-modal fast commutes and reduce CO2 emissions, will integrate with Software-Defined cellular networks, and will manage the use and re-use of resources to maximize energy consumption and control pollution.


Join the Autotech Council for a morning of debate and discovery, product demos, startup pitches, and great networking as we get a sense of the innovations and opportunities that will advance the world’s Smart Cities.

Remote Attendee Registration: $100 (Join From Your Desk)

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