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Capacity Africa

9/11/19 7:00 AM - 9/12/19 1:50 AM
+44 (0) 20 7779 7227
VenueKigali Marriott Hotel

The African telecom sector has never been more exciting to explore. As infrastructure continues to develop across the continent, there are huge opportunities to get involved in everything from national projects through to
international subsea deployment. Numerous international projects have been announced, such as the existing Central African Backbone being replaced and plans to connect each of the 11 countries to at least two other capital cities. Infrastructure plans such as this demonstrate the level of investment and development across the continent.

Capacity Africa connects international partners and investors with local operators, data centres, content providers and cloud vendors that may be a challenge to contact. The two-day conference agenda will deliver critical industry information on new infrastructure projects and how the demands of new technologies are shaping the industry. Participate in the event to:

- Discuss key terrestrial infrastructure developments and explore future projects

- Explore infrastructur-sharing insights and strategies with local and international partners

- Facilitate bilateral meetings to secure annual contracts and develop new partnerships

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