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Autotech Council Science Fair 2019

10/14/19 9:00 PM - 10/15/19 12:00 AM
VenueComputer History Museum 1401 N Shoreline Blvd. Mountain View, CA 94043

Who is leading this industry forward? Judge for yourself! Companies leading the automotive, transportation, and mobility industries into the future are committed to innovation - both to innovating themselves and to partnering with the best innovations available whether those are found in their existing supply chain, a venture funded startup, or a university lab.


Autotech Council's annual Science Fair allows car makers, vendors, startups, academics, and investors to promote their innovations, projects and co-development products in a show-and-tell format. 100s of tech scouts and business development executives across automotive, transportation, and mobility visit the Science Fair to shop for innovation, search for synergies, and brainstorm potential use cases with their innovation colleagues.


While the layout may be reminiscent of a High School Science Fair, the technology is not! Join industry leaders as they browse exhibits from leading automotive companies and discover technologies that are transforming mobility. Every year, thousands of ideas are shared at our Annual Science Fair. We are co-located again this year with Western Automotive Journalist's Silicon Valley Reinvents the Wheel.


Sponsors Include: ElektrobitIncrement PStradVisionCarForce, Tactual

Attendee Registration: Free

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