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Telecom Revenue Management & Billing Optimisation

7/27/10 8:32 AM - 7/28/10 12:34 PM
VenuePrince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Five Top Focus Areas for Telecom Revenue Management & Billing Optimization 2010:<br /><br />1. Proactive revenue assurance – what is it and how achievable?<br /><br />2. Risk mitigation for billing system upgrade and enterprise wide revenue assurance implementation<br /><br />3. Showing the ‘materiality’ and tangible value of your revenue assurance initiatives – secure management and stakeholder buy-in<br /><br />4. The best RA solution for your organization’s business goals and growth plan: purchase a vendor solution, develop it in-house or outsource?<br /><br />5. Encouraging RA to collaborate with other departments to do more – expand RA capabilities towards margin analytics and business process improvement.<br /><br />For more information, visit
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