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Providing Customers with Exceptional Connected Experiences

9/5/18 5:30 PM - 9/5/18 6:00 PM

The modern consumer is more connected than ever before, using multiple devices and interacting with brands through numerous touchpoints. How brands meet the needs of the connected consumer will be the defining factor in whether they stay relevant and deliver a positive customer experience.


Join this exclusive webinar: http://bit.ly/2OZqKPY (09:30am PST September 5th) with Jason Jedlinski, Head of Consumer Product at USA Today, Vivienne Errington-Barnes, Chief Strategy Officer for HER Social App and Jordan Girman the Senior Director of User Experience for Glassdoor.


We will be discussing:

-          How to engage consumers through digital product and strategy

-          Creating and developing a product to exceed customers' expectations

-          Future plans and innovations to drive engagement and brand loyalty


Join this exclusive 45-minute webinar (or receive the recordings) here:http://bit.ly/2OZqKPY

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