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Digital Transformation Conclave 2019

31/01/2019 03:00 - 31/01/2019 12:00
Windsor Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India

Organizations across industries are going through a major makeover in the wake of a new era of digital business. Seized by an imperative to transform, these organizations across markets are redefining their business model, making operations more efficient, and providing seamless customer experience. However, there is sizeable number of businesses still struggling to grab hold of the impact of the digital era and gain competitive benefits.

‘Digital ‘discussions today revolve mainly around rehashing ‘business model’, ‘leadership’ to drive digital business and the ‘need’ for a Chief Digital Officer. The CIOs who are at the forefront of this revolution are increasingly leveraging the SMAC-Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud, to redefine the way businesses are done today.

The new digital era is so transformative that leaders in the government sector have started betting on the role technology can play in realizing India’s growth. In fact the government has already made some headway in recognizing the power of technology to deliver better citizen services –from digitization efforts to makinggovernment services available on mobile.With more and more users accessing internet and the increasing digital adoption, the next wave of digital transformation would be both exciting and complicated.

Having said, digital business is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach and the priorities vary considerablyacross industries. Plus, the digital transformation journey is not without its roadblocks. Creating a vision for the digital journey, defining the rationale for the proposed change, and charting out the cultural transformation needed need more than just meet the eye. There is a severe dearth of skilled professionals and competencies such as analytics professionals in the industry today.

The Digital Transformation Summit is designed for CXOs and top level decision makers of organizations who are either embarking upon digital journey or made some inroad into their journey. The day-long event will provide practical insights for CIOs to strategize and plan their digital initiatives. The program will also touch upon other roles that decision makers have to play to drive digital journey.The decision makers will have insights to deal with challenges on the way and the event will cover best practices for organizations to benefit from.

Digital Transformation Concalve will feature the followings:

  • The big tech trends for India in digital age
  • Crafting digital vision
  • Fundamentals of digital transformation journey
  • Key tech enablers of digital organization
  • Drafting vision, strategy and action planning
  • Evolving new business models through digital transformation
  • Role of big data and analytics in digital transformation
  • Mobility for enhancing customer experience
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