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GDPR Programme Management and Governance

01/03/2018 00:00 - 02/03/2018 00:00


GDPR Programme Management and Governance: Applying Data Management Best Practices

Speaker: Daragh O Brien


The Data Protection Officer (DPO) role is a key component of the overall governance model under the GDPR. However, the DPO does not operate alone and should rely on other data management functions in the organisation. This course teaches you about the role of the DPO in the context of other Data Management disciplines to identify and develop the opportunities to align GDPR requirements with other Information Management initiatives.

This course starts with a crash-course on the fundamentals of the GDPR and the role of the DPO. This material draws on the primary legislation and Regulatory guidance, but puts it in the wider context of Information Management functions in the organisation, in particular Data Governance. In this way, delegates will understand how their information management function can support data privacy risk management obligations.

Delegates will develop an understanding of how the application of DAMA DMBOK principles and fundamental data management conceptscan help structure and align the management of data privacy risks and obligations in the organisation, and therefore ensure effective and appropriate delegation of day-to-day responsibilities and accountabilities to support the effective operation of a risk based model to data privacy risks, as envisaged in the GDPR.

Delegates will also get an understanding of data privacy standards in the context of global trends in data privacy regulation and the likely importance of an effective Data Privacy governance function in UK-based organisations post-Brexit.

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