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IoT Integration Summit 2017 Dubai

29/11/2017 05:00 - 30/11/2017 13:00
RegionMiddle East

IoT Integration Summit 2017 Dubai

UMS’sIoT Integration Summit 2017 Dubaiwill be an exclusive two-day thought leadership forum to explore the impact of IoT on business, government and society with dedicated presentations on government, public services, transportation, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, logistics, security & risk management, artificial intelligence, smart cities, banking & financial services, education, automotive, power, etc.

Discussing the potential of IoT and how to unlock the potential to best suit business needs. Help identify how digital transformation can benefit organizations and help them achieve their goals.

Key Speakers:

Dr. Osama El Hassan, Head of e-Health, Dubai Health Authority
Gopi Krishnan, MD and CIO, Al Hilal Bank
Phil Redhead, Head of Digital Strategy, GEMS Education
Samer Chediac, Chief Future Specialist, RTA-UAE
and many more on the brochure...

IoT 2017 Dubai will focus on:

  • Current trends in IoT
  • Convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT)
  • Building a digital enterprise
  • Challenges and risks associated with IoT
  • Integration hurdles and how to overcome them
  • IoT and big data analytics
  • Building a robust and effective cyber security strategy 

Why Attend?


Map out an IoT strategy

Attending the IoT Summit 2017 would help you design a holistic approach to implement a digitization strategy that needs to be practiced across production, value chains and business models.


Secure the future

In the coming years, with even more data to play with, businesses will need to up their cyber security game to prevent information about their products and processes being stolen, lost or changed.


Increase Productivity

Define ways in which IoT is embraced by more companies, boosting productivity across all manufacturing processes.


Explore & Analyze

Discover the impact of new manufacturing models on your business. Ensure that your leaders possess the right skill sets, an inherent understanding of rapidly evolving issues, and a willingness to explore fresh new perspectives and insights into IoT.


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