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MVNOs North America

10/16/17 1:00 AM - 10/17/17 10:00 AM
McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, United States
Venue McCormick Place
RegionNorth America

The rapid growth of global connectivity solutions and IoT services is irrevocably changing the way telecom providers operate globally. Tackling the challenges posed by market newcomers – e.g. device manufacturers,OTT service providers, new roaming aggregators - who are taking over the markets traditionally served by telcos, requires closer cooperation amongst carriers and MVNOs. 

Embedded SIM will revolutionize the operators’ business models enabling a faster growth of the IoT world. Many MVNOs are already considering (or even exploring to some extent) the opportunities presented by the IoT growth without thee-SIM being deployed in the primary devices yet.

This year we are co- locating the MVNOs North America meeting with our IoT Enterprise and Smart Cities events allowing you to access the busy Expo and IoT focused sessions! Join us in Chicago to learn about the new technologies revolutionizing the MVNO market making it a profitable business again.


NEW REPORT AVAILABLE: What is driving growth in the North American MVNO market?

The report is availbale for you here 

What is in the report: 

Second only to Europe in terms of user subscriptions, and dominated by the US, which boasts 36 million subscriptions, North America’s MVNO market is one of the most mature and well developed in the world - and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.1% to 2022, above the global forecast of 7.4%.

In this report you will learn about: 

How MVNOs and MNOs are differentiating their business models in the US, The current state of the MVNO market in Mexico, Canada's regulatory scenario, New opportunities through technologies, As well as the ...

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