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Mobile Content 2010

6/8/10 11:00 PM - 6/9/10 11:00 PM
VenuePrague, Czech Republic
The mobile content and applications market is one of the fastest growing industries. Last year was the most successful year for mobile content ever, but is this industry able to continue in 2010 and beyond?<br /><br />This two day interactive, experience-driven and information packed event promises to provide valuable insights into the hottest topics surrounding mobile games, music, multimedia, messaging, TV, advertising and marketing. At this conference we will focus on how people use their pocket sized devices.<br /><br />Why you should attend?<br />• Top speakers from leading telecom companies already confirmed to join speaker panel and will share their best practices with audience.<br />• You will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest applications on the market from start-up companies and open a discussion with them.<br />• Develop your current contacts from telecom industry and gain new ones.<br /><br />Featured Key Topics:<br />• Hear a case study about best practical experience with mobile advertising<br />• Gain from Delphi discussion about adult content’s advantages and disadvantages<br />• Attend in the leading Mobile OS providers’ discussion about the technological developments<br />• What do the customers think about mobile content?<br />• How is mobile video and TV implemented on different platforms?<br />• Mobile Entertainment and its role in mobile content<br /><br />Conference website:
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