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2nd Annual Future Generation Optical Transport Networks 2017

2/8/17 3:00 AM - 2/8/17 12:00 PM

2nd Annual Future Generation Optical Transport Networks Summit has truly established itself as the go to conference for optical network discussions, debate and networking in India. 

Driven by the colossal surge in the bandwidth demand from both home users as well as enterprise customers, the telcos are exploring various strategies to strengthen their networks and provide exceptional Quality of Service (QoS). 

With over 100 crore mobile consumers, India is witnessing huge jump in terms of data appetite. The affordable smart phones; pocket friendly data offerings; and exciting new applications — in the form of social media, videos, online gaming, shopping, chatting — are making a compelling case for end users to collaborate, share and explore the mobile internet. 

The growing usage of applications on personal and mobile networks has overburdened the existing mobile networks and severely impacting the network quality of the mobile operators. 

This entire scenario has made Optical Transport Network (OTN), a definite solution to support the high bandwidth demand. The OTN technologies — Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) and Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) — are proved as an effective solution to overcome the bandwidth limitations of SONET/SDH. 

In order to deliberate, discuss and come up with right set of ideas, we are proud to announce the launch of 2nd edition of Future Generation – Optical Transport Networks Summit 2017, an international Conference cum exhibition schedule to be held on Wednesday, 8th February 2017 at ITC Maratha in Mumbai. The conference is an excellent opportunity for all telecom stakeholders to understand the opportunities, benefits and challenges in deploying Optical Transport Networks in the country. 

It will be attended by the who’s who of telecom industry and will be supported by leading analyst firms, industry associations and solution providers to meet and network with all the optical networking specialists under one roof and share current optical networking challenges and discuss solutions based on where the industry needs to be in the future. 

The Conference will discuss the followings:

  • How optical transport networks can will help operator to handle future capacity crunch
  • What is the future generation optical transport evolution & Differentiation
  • Evolution towards 100, 200G, 400G & 1TBits
  • How to transform legacy optical networks to flexible, agile, future generation optical Networks?
  • How will Operators generate new capex, revenue, gain infrastructure support and be differentiated in 4G environment?
  • Examining the future generation Optical switching Architecture for Data Center Networks
  • Evolution to the Dynamic Optical transport networks


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