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Mobile Marketing Forum: Singapore

4/14/10 8:02 AM - 4/15/10 5:02 PM
HostInforma Telecoms&Media
WHY ATTEND?<br /><br />The 2010 MMA Forum Singapore brings together attendees from agencies, brands, carriers and other members of the global mobile marketing ecosystem.<br /><br />The annual event features a wide variety of keynotes, panels and presentations discussing the latest technology developments, case studies, and innovative ways of using the mobile channel to extend the reach and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.<br /><br />Brands and agencies recognize and agree that the mobile channel is a highly effective way to reach consumers but the most successful campaigns are built on the understanding that the mobile channel isn't homogeneous. Learn more about the diverse set of options mobile presents, each with its own strengths and considerations that must be factored in to ensure a maximally effective campaign.<br />
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