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Profitable Data Analytics Insurance 2016

20/09/2016 01:00 - 22/09/2016 01:00

The insurance industry in a rudimentary sense has been doing analysis of data for over a 100 years. The difference now is that the insurance industry, across all lines, are inundated by overwhelmingly large amounts of data from numerous sources. With analytics now the single hottest topic the industry is talking about, organizations are seeing a shift from being data-driven to insight-driven, with the impact being seen across departments from Underwriting to Claims to Marketing to HR.
Featuring an unmatched lineup of data analytics experts from some of the largest Auto, Home & Property, and Life, Health & Workers Compensation insurance carriers, the Profitable Data Analytics Insurance 2016, taking place on September 20, 21 and 22, takes a fully comprehensive approach to leveraging data analytics for growing customer revenues and increasing profitability.

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