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3rd Annual Telecoms Fraud, Risk and Revenue Management

9/16/09 10:52 PM - 9/17/09 11:52 PM
HostMarcus Evans
VenueBerlin, Germany
Understanding the Current Fraud Developments that Affect Telco Profitability and Assess the Best Strategies for Revenue Management in the Industry<br />This year’s 3rd Annual Fraud and Revenue Management Conference will look at the impact the current market challenges have on the telecoms market. Operators need to understand, now more than ever how to avoid fraud, data loss, security breaches and PBX hacking. This conference will give delegates the opportunity to understand what are the best instruments to face the current risk situations. The conference will provide practical examples on what problems the operators are facing and how to address it in order to improve their revenue management<br /><br />Visit
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