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Mobile Broadband 2010

12/2/10 7:30 AM - 12/2/10 6:00 PM
Mobile broadband usage continued to gain steam in 2010 led by the exponential growth of Smartphone, Dongle and Valued added Services (VAS) usage in the Asia Pacific region. Mobile broadband has even superseded fixed broadband in some markets such as Indonesia and the Philippines and the gap has significantly narrowed in many others. With over 10 million mobile broadband enabled devices, this market will continue to expand due to the advent of prepaid mobile broadband packages, rise of mobile lifestyles and a plethora of connected devices ranging from cheap netbooks at the lower end of the spectrum to other devices like e-book readers and Apple iPad.<br /><br />Mobile networks are also continuing to evolve; we witness Asia's first LTE launches which will herald a new era saw of services and applications with 4G technology in 2010.<br /><br />Despite this massive growth, however, operators are now looking to optimize their mobile broadband business models. While the mobile broadband revolution is here to stay, business models will have to evolve to ensure that mobile operators are offering the correct packages and services to maintain both top-line growth and profitability levels, particularly in the face of exponential network growth. This also means investing in the right network equipment and backhaul that reduces the cost per bit and enables faster service provisioning and control.<br /><br />For more information:
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