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Leadership Strategies for Enterprise Architects

30/11/2017 09:00 - 01/12/2017 17:00

 Speaker: Chris Potts 

Influencing Decisions, Shaping Investments, Enhancing Performance


The fundamentals of Enterprise Architecture (EA) - frameworks, methods and tools - equip Enterprise Architects for a career-long journey of achievements and professional development.  From designing solutions and roadmaps to maximising EA’s contribution across the enterprise, the strategy for success depends on choosing the most effective interventions, influencing decisions, shaping investments, and measurably enhancing enterprise performance.


This intensive two-day course focuses on successful management strategies for Enterprise Architecture.  It includes - for example – establishing EA’s value proposition, measuring the enterprise’s architectural performance, diagnosing the culture in which EA must succeed, and validating the enterprise’s process for investing in change. Using a fascinating and challenging case study, the workshop explores how to formulate a winning strategy for EA, and execute that strategy through each Enterprise Architect’s ‘play-or-pass’ choices.


Learning Objectives

  • Formulate a successful management strategy for Enterprise Architecture
  • Evaluate and enhance an enterprise’s architectural performance
  • Choose the most valuable EA interventions
  • Influence other people’s strategies, plans and investments in change

Collaborate effectively with others to grow EA’s contribution and reputation.



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