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Customer Experience Management In TELECOMS World Summit

8/13/15 5:00 PM - 8/15/15 1:00 AM
Goodwood Park Hotel Scotts Road Singapore

Customer Experience Management (CEM) In TELECOMS World Summit 2015

13-14 August 2015 * Singapore

-          Driving Customer Loyalty and Reducing Churn through Embedding A Customer-Centric Culture Across Your Business




Customer Experience Management (CEM) in Telecoms World Summit (13-14 August 2015, Singapore) draws together highly-regarded expert speakers from across the ecosystems of telecommunications industry and CEM platform providers to present to you the latest key trends and approaches taken and practiced in Customer Excellence Management  in Telecoms.  The highlights of the summit will be Case Studies and Perspectives to be shared by telecoms operators on the benefits they have obtained from implemeting CEM and the key challenges they have encountered.


Listen to Presentations and Case Studies for These Important Topics:

      Achieving A Sustainable and Competitive Advantage within An Increasing Challenging Business Environment

      Operator Keynote Address - Operationalising Customer Experience in the Digital Age

      Embedding A Customer-Centric Culture Across Your Business

      Operator Case Study – Building A Customer First Culture

      Operator Case Study – Aligning Department-Level and Corporate-Wide Customer Experience Objectives

      Creating An Internal Culture Change and Organisational Transformation around Customer Insight and Experience-Keeping

      Approaching integration in different areas, technologies and systems

      Ensuring that CEM activities are at the heart of all decision-making processes within the organization

      Using CEM systems to draw information and insights from cross-organisational sources

      Driving Customer Loyalty & Reducing Churn

      Operator Case Study – Loyalty & Retention: What is the Linkage?

      Leveraging the Customer Experience to Drive Brand Loyalty

      Operator Case Study – Examining Why and How to Develop Customer Experience Initiatives Specifically Geared Towards Retaining Customers

      Deciphering & Resolving Next Generation Obstacles in Maximising Customer Loyalty

      How Can You Reduce Costs and Increase ROI from your CEM Investments whilst Still Offering An Optimal Customer Experience?

      How do you prioritise your CEM investments and accurately measure the ROI of your CEM initiatives in both the short- and long-term?

      How can you reduce staffing levels without compromising the customer experience?

      How can you use self-serve as a way to improve the customer experience whilst reducing costs?

      How can you reduce costs by minimising the complexity of your CEM initiatives?

      Which contracts can you re-negotiate with your partners in order to drive cost savings?

      Leveraging the Strength of Your Partners in the Mobile Chain to Design New Levels of Customer Experience

      Operator Keynote Address – Delivering A Positive Customer Experience at All Times by Providing the Best Support and Service Possible

      Putting the Customers at the Heart of Network Management

      Operator Case Study – Bridging the gap between marketing and technical departments to ensure a single full view of the customers

      Delivering Service Quality to Reduce Churn Rates

      How Can You Accurately Measure Your Customers’ Network Experience?

      What KPIs should you use to ensure that your technical department is working towards customer-centric KPIs rather than traditional technical KPIs?

      What data should you use to gain accurate reflection of the customer experience on your network?

      How can you successfully analyse network data to detect when a customer is experiencing a problem?

      What customer support channels should youo put in place to ensure that you can handle customers’ network issues?

      How can you manage the burden of handling negative customer experience that arise from apps that you do not own?

      Engaging Your Employees for Customer Centricity

      Operator Case Study – Contact Centres: Best Practices in Simplifying the Life of Employees and Enhancing the Customer Experience

      Operator Case Study – How to Ensure Better Customer Interactions Across All Touch Points?

      Operator Case Study - Customer Experience Management: Customer Complaints, Expectation, Current Challenges and Way Forward from Operator Perspective

      Operator Case Study – Bringing Efficiency and Experience in Call Centre

      Implementation for Success

Meet and Network with the following Prestigious and Highly Regarded Speakers & Panellists from :


  • Sachin Kumar Das, Vice President (National Head CS Mobility Operations), Aircel, India


  • Nashad Emir, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Celcom Axiata, Malaysia


  • Dr Suresh Ramasamy, Principal Consultant-Technology Strategy, DiGi, Malaysia
  • Shah Alam Bhuiyan, General Manager and Head of Technology, Customer Complaints Management, Grameenphone, Bangladesh
  • Willem Najoan, Head of Loyalty & Retention, Indosat, Indonesia
  • Brenda Lynn Dichoso, Chief Customer Care Officer, Smartfren Telecom, Indonesia   
  • Hasniza Mohamed, Head of Customer Experience, Telekom Malaysia, Malaysia


  • Dian Ediana, Head of Planning & Process Management, Sub Dir Customer Care Management, Telkomsel, Indonesia


  • Suphavadee Trakulboon, General Manager, True Touch, Thailand


  • Ilya Kravtsov, Head of Commercial Strategy, XL Axiata, Indonesia


  • and many more&h
Address: Goodwood Park Hotel Scotts Road Singapore, 0 Get Direction