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TM Forum Live! 2015

6/1/15 5:00 PM - 6/4/15 10:00 PM
VenueNice Acropolis Convention Centre

Becoming a digital business goes far beyond replacing IT systems or trying out new marketing tactics. It means changing the way a company thinks, its culture, processes, approaches to investment, and attitudes toward innovation and partnerships. Being a digital business demands rethinking how your business operates, redesigning an agile business where IT is a profit enabler, embracing an open approach with digital partnerships and being fiercely customer-centric.


  1. RELEVANT RESEARCHED AGENDA: 6 Forums and over 100+ conference sessions and workshops focused on the most critical digital enablers and business transformation disruptors. Our agenda will cover topics such as: Customer Centricity & Analytics, IoT, Managing NFV & SDN, Digital Operations, and many more
  2. TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION: Catalysts technology demonstrations are at the heart of TM Forum Live! TM Forum member companies collaborate to demonstrate innovative approaches and technical solutions to common business challenges to a range of today’s relevant industry issues including: Smart Energy, Dynamic APIs, Closed-Loop functionality, and many more.
  3. GAIN AN EDGE & INSIGHT: Our keynote lineup will deliver a comprehensive snapshot of digital business transformation, disruptors and key business drivers, plus you will hear from over 200 speakers from the markets and companies you want to know about, all providing you with practical advice, case studies and best practices.
  4. A PLATFORM FOR TRANSFORMATION: Facilitated networking lets you easily connect with all the right people, the right content and the right solutions – and all under one roof. Join our 3,000 delegates and 100+ exhibitors who are featuring the latest in technology and services. Learn first hand about the innovations that will help you transform your business.
  5. DEDICATED & FOCUSED: We are committed to helping you understand how your organization can transform to a digital business. TM Forum Live! has created a unique and new way for you to connect to stakeholders in the digital economy to collaborate, tackle and solve critical matters of digital transformation. We are focused on helping you thrive.
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