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Mobility Summit 2015

6/24/15 2:00 AM - 6/25/15 12:00 PM
HostCDM Media
VenueWestin Chicago River North
RegionNorth America

Technology executives in virtually every industry are faced with a growing demand to empower end users to access data and applications securely and reliably via mobile platforms. Executives charged with maintaining the integrity of their organizations data and applications, while leveraging mobile technology to drive innovation into interaction, walk a fine line between security and accessibility.

The Mobility Summit is an opportunity for technology executives involved in mobility initiatives to get together and discuss how companies can effectively protect the growing amounts of data in the enterprise, while providing internal and external end users with the broadest range of accessibility options. With a focus on innovation and best practices, the event will allow attendees to explore strategies and technologies surrounding mobile access, data protection and privacy, as well as meeting industry regulations and compliance.

The Mobility Summit allows attendees to make new business contacts, have in-depth conversations with C-level peers and learn about the latest mobility best practices and solutions during engaging Keynote Presentations, CIO Think Tanks, Thought Leadership panel discussions, Analyst Q&As, networking breaks and more.

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