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WebRTC Conference Expo Paris 2014

12/16/14 7:30 AM - 12/18/14 4:00 PM
HostUpperside Conferences

2014 Conference Agenda: What are the next hot things in WebRTC ? 
What are the customer profiles? What are the service providers strategies?

WebRTC is the next hot thing on the web. But what’s the next hot thing in WebRTC?
What about ORTC and WebRTC 2.0?

The 2014 WebRTC Paris conference & expo will highlight new usages of WebRTCdata channel video streaming, WebRTC & TV services, M2M applications. 

WebRTC is a smart technology, but how customers use it? What are the first WebRTC user profiles?
What does it mean to use a WebRTC API platform? A panel gathering users will be organized during the conference. The aim is to demonstrate how customers are using their WebRTC service platform.

What is WebRTC impact on service providers business and organization? 
Main European service providers will testimony on their strategy to extend legacy communication services to the web. What are the current relevant use cases? Can they monetize their services? 

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