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Fibre Optics and Intelligent Cabling

26/10/2014 16:00 - 30/10/2014 00:00
VenueRosewood Hotel Abu Dhabi
RegionMiddle East

With reservoir and well monitoring becoming an increasing crucial focus in the hydrocarbon industry, the role of fibre optics networks and structured cabling techniques are gaining importance. With data being populated almost every five seconds and the frequency of false alarms being extremely high, it's an absolute necessity to capture the right data and improve the data transmission.

Fibre Optics and Intelligent Cabling taking place from 26 - 29 October 2014 at the Rosewood Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE, will bring together IT infrastructure professionals along with well, reservoir and monitoring departments to learn about how fibre optics and intelligent cabling can help you improve reservoir performance, reliability and save costs.


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