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3rd Annual Enhancing Customer Loyalty and Retention in Telecom

11/26/13 2:00 PM - 11/28/13 5:00 PM
HostAllan Lloyds
VenueBerlin, Germany

Clearly, no company wants its subscribers to move to a competitor.  To prevent this many telecoms operators have sought to change their customer retention focus towards building a long standing, and therefore long lasting, relationship with the customer to reduce chum.   There is no doubt that these changes are mainly due to the economic downturn.   However, while customers have become increasingly price motivated at this summit it will be illustrated how to anticipate the needs of your customers through better use of data collection, social media and reputation management.

 Building a lasting relationship with your customers is a tricky business.  It is no longer enough to deliver quality and value to your customer, the goal is now to get into your customer’s hearts. Excellent customer service is the key to satisfied customers; the challenge now being to make sure your customer service stands out above the others.  Discuss with your peers how to anticipate and offer customer solutions before the customer even knows they need them.

Meet exclusive industry experts from your industry such as: Members of Board, Vice President, Directors or Head Senior Managers from the leading telecoms companies like Orange, Vodafone, Telefonica UK, Telenor, SFR, Deutsche Telecom and many others.  Don't miss the unique opportunity to explore effective strategies for Enhancing Customer Loyalty & Retention in Telecom amongst your industry peers.


For further information about the 3rd Annual Enhancing Customer Loyalty & Retention in Telecom Summit feel free to visit the event website or download the event brochure

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