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Telecom Council Mobile Forum: Wearables

10/16/13 4:30 PM - 7/16/13 9:00 PM
HostCTIA MobileCON
Venue San Jose Conference Center, 150 W. San Carlos St San Jose, California
RegionNorth America

Co-located at CTIA's MobileCON, we invite you to join 140+ of your telecom colleagues to dissect the progression of the wearables segment, talk about what's next, and build professional relationships with the executives initiating change - in true Telecom Council style, this meeting is sure to be a very interactive discussion with top-notch networking to help you build your relationships in this segment.

Make some space on your arm for wearables. Smart wearable computing devices are taking the stage now as the hottest area for mobile innovation. With monolithic handsets offering all the variety of white versus black, it's connected accessories that are next to change how people access, use and gather information. From Google Glass to the Pebble watch, to Fitbit and Nike fuel, peripherals are extending the power and connectivity in the smartphone to make our lives richer.

The average smartphone user activates the smartphone 120 times a day. Wearables promise to reduce those glances by putting the relevant information in a more accessible place. Data gathering devices make the user measurable, and thus that person can manage and track their habits in new ways - whether for health, fitness, or habit measurement. This will drive the next big change in human/information interactivity.

MEETING FEES: Non-members join this Telecom Council meeting, and gain access to MobileCON for $395. Telecom Council Members are free.

Meeting Sponsor and Host CTIA MobileCON, iSonea

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