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Commonwealth Finance & Investment Forum for ICTs

11/15/12 5:00 PM - 11/17/12 1:00 AM
HostCommonwealth Telecommunications Organisation
VenueAmerica Square Conference Centre
Critical opportunities for investment, where and how can you achieve an ROI? The annual conference will be joined by the leadership of ICT firms from Commonwealth countries, finance executives, investors, law firms and regulators to discuss the opportunities for innovative international investment partnerships to accelerate economic performance. Reflecting the objectives of the forum, senior representatives will seek to prioritise their top investment requirements and highlight critical opportunities for investment to accelerate business growth in information, communications and technology. Key Topics being discussed: Prioritizing the top investment requirements, what are the critical opportunities? Strategies for developing data centric business models How can M&A provide strategic growth, the outlook for 2013? Digital Hubs: opportunities for ICT development and new investment propositions Benefits and pitfalls of financing models, how to develop your business strategy
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