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9/26/12 8:00 AM - 9/27/12 5:30 PM
This is the 7th edition of the b2b ODEBIT. What are the current topics covered in the conference cycle?<br /> <br /> &bull; First of all, still the problem of funding for very high speed networks on our territory.<br /> &bull; The 4G, which reaches its point of maturation since the licensing, network deployment and the opening of its new services. That will not make without careful local authorities, who see the arrival of this new technology, announced a delay of the mesh of their territories, even a shift of financial resources to these new operators networks. The increased deployment of mobile networks will not boost land cover and backspace and the digital divide in the daily concerns.<br /> &bull; The pervasiveness of digital technology in matters of daily occupation of the communities now to bring new skills to keep operators in their deployment but also to guide them according to their actual needs.<br /> &bull; The real challenges of the future that were already discussed 10 years ago and have hardly evolved: employment, wealth creation, the attractiveness of regions, innovation ... It is now time to put high-speed broadband service to businesses as a development tool. ODEBIT Conferences of 2012 will give the floor to the experts who will speak on these topics.
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