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Latin IT & Telecom Summit

11/28/12 7:00 AM - 11/29/12 7:00 PM
HostBNamericas Events
VenueMexico City
Long-term development of the industry of mining, O&G, lectricity and infrastructure Information Technology and Telecommunications <a href=""></a> The Latin BNamericas IT & Telecom Summit aims to discuss the long-term development of the industry of Information Technology and Telecommunications in Latin America, with special focus on its application in certain industries such as mining, oil and gas electricity and infrastructure, among others, which are becoming major paradigm shifts and which are opening up significant business opportunities for IT and Telecommunications companies.<br /> <br /> By bringing together under one roof to key industry executives who are looking to improve their processes and systems with the progress recorded IT and telecommunications and the main suppliers of these, the BNAmericas Latin IT & Telecom Summit 2012 will be the ideal space for business networking, exchange ideas and strengthen professional and business contacts between the participants. Main Topics: <ul> <li> Analysis and implementation of new ICT solutions in the mining, oil and gas, petrochemicals, infrastructure and electricity, among other.</li> <li> Solutions for Technology, Innovation and Business.</li> <li> Business Management Control.</li> <li> Transport, Network Management and Security.</li> <li> Social Networks: Business social networks, Social Networks Collaborative.</li> <li> New business models.</li> <li> Green IT.</li> <li> Model business sustainability.</li> <li> Technology development and industrial</li> <li> Cloud Computing</li> <li> Virtualization</li> <li> Corporate Governance: M2M, B2B, Micro, BA, OLAP</li> </ul>
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