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How to use Social Media to find your next job ?


In today's fast paced world, Social Media is a powerful tool that is not to be ignored. When potential employers are looking for you, they will certainly Google your name. They will then see which Social Networks you belong to and your participation and activity in these networks.

One way to get you to be not only visible but also as a knowledgeable professional in the telecom industry is to start participating.

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Here is one of the place to do this: http://www.telcoprofessionals.com


Look at the Blogs. There are featured blogs from senior thought leaders in the industry covering a range of telecoms topics, from very general to highly specialised. They have interesting views and these blogs are open for discussion.


Rather than starting your own blog it can gain you as much, if not more, visibility to comment on others. You show you know what you are talking about, and the person who wrote the blog will see who you are and reply. This also gets your name indexed in GOOGLE and associated with a relevant professional area. Recruiters and hiring managers then get another route to locate you, verify that you are open to new technology, and up with the social networking and blogging world.