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Discussions will get you indexed in Google and build your value

The key thought is to participate and start discussions using your real name in places that are professional and related to your job area. As a result, you will come up in Google searches. Ideally you should ask questions to help answer professional issues relevant to your position today. Alternatively, you may start discussions on areas that are of major interest in the market today to canvas opinions of others. You can see examples on:


The benefit of entering discussions on TP is that the environment is monitored by humans and all spam removed on a regular basis. This means if you start a discussion on a serious telecoms issue, it will not be immediately followed up by a make money fast scheme or similar. You are also in an environment with a large number of CXO level people that may take an interest in or reply to your discussion. Remember that TP has over 1400 CTOs and CIOs as members.

However the most important thing is to get started and build a level of comfort. The easiest way would be to start replying to existing discussions. This activity will still show up in searches and helps you with ideas on how to get going with your own discussions.

We look forward to following your discussions!