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Make contacts

  • To make new contacts, you need to login here : http://www.telcoprofessionals.com/login.php
  • Fill in your login details (email adress and password)
  • Note that you can also sign in using your details from all services and major social network website (Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, Hyves, Google, Yahoo, Windows live)
  • First thing you can do to make new contacts to go to the Members section, using the main menu of the website
  • Here you can search for members that will share the same interest using the search form and the search options
  • Once you've found members you would add as your contact, either using the search engine, or simply thought browsing the website, click on the Add to My Contacts button under the member photo, and follow the steps
  • If you want to follow your Contacts list, in your user menu, go to Contacts > View My Contacts
  • You'll find all your contacts under the Current Contacts section
  • A few options are available under each of your contacts, such as, Edit Relationship, Remove Contact, Send Message or View [contact]'s contacts
  • You can also follow your Incoming Contact Requests, and Outgoing Contact Requests