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  • Dave Labuda

    Digital Insurance: How to protect your legacy

    Posted April 21 by Dave Labuda

    The topic of Digital Transformation is hitting fever pitch this year and everywhere you turn there are studies, reports, recommendations and confirmations about how CSPs must embrace Digital.  Monetize, capitalize, and delight your customers through online digital experiences that will enhance ...

  • Paul Vedam

    The plague of customization

    Posted April 2 by Paul Vedam

    Spring is almost here, and it’s time for me to resume my blog after a brief hiatus. What with Christmas, New Year, a big family wedding and travels to Asia and back, there was no time to think outside the box. Now, I want to link back to my previous posts, starting with a question for you a...

  • Nanda Kumar

    Is it time for designer customers?

    Posted March 30 by Nanda Kumar

    Most service industries have become obsessed of late with enhancing the customer experience. The seemingly new benefits of big data are often espoused as the best way to achieve this. Not that data analytics or business intelligence is new, it's more about the breadth of data and how quickly it can ...

  • Ali Durmus

    Forget customer experience, try some cost experience

    Posted March 25 by Ali Durmus

    It would be fair to say that when we talk about data analytics for telcos the conversation tends to center around the customer. And while customer profiling, customization and personalization might be hot topics for improving the customer experience, it takes attention away from another analytics ef...

  • Rui Paiva

    Telcos are leading the way in EBA – but for how long?

    Posted March 20 by Rui Paiva

    A funny thing happened when telcos started taking revenue assurance seriously. They discovered that they were operating their businesses in the dark when it came to cost management, margins and even profitability – not to mention raw leakage.   Those old PowerPoint slides of the leaking...

  • Aaron Boasman

    Internet of Things is accelerating the need for 5G

    Posted March 4 by Aaron Boasman

    “Mobile technology makes a leap about every ten years” stated Steve Mollenkoft, CEO, Qualcomm Incorporated, in his keynote speech this morning on day two of Mobile World Congress. He has a point… the 1990s saw the introduction of 2G, followed by 3G in the 2000s, 4G not so long ago...

  • Aaron Boasman

    What a difference 10 years makes

    Posted March 3 by Aaron Boasman

    It’s been ten years since the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) event moved from Nice to a much larger venue in Barcelona, and a lot has changed since then. Consider that back in 2005 the iPhone hadn’t even been invented yet – that happened in 2007, followed quickly by wearables, ...

  • Kent McNeil

    Simplifying fragmented OSS

    Posted March 1 by Kent McNeil

    DonRiver partnered with to discuss the evolving world of operational support systems, how historical network management tools are becoming fragmented, and how the telecoms industry can move to refresh and simplify OSS.  Complexities in network architectures throughout the telecomm...

  • Ali Durmus

    Can IoT be the new value added service telcos seek?

    Posted February 27 by Ali Durmus

    We’ve been hearing for some time the value of big data and how it can be utilized to improve the customer experience and help business to become more efficient but little is said about how it can be effectively monetized on its own. Communications service providers (CSPs) are supposedly &ls...

  • Dave Labuda

    Telstra - More than Talk, Walking the ‘Digital Walk’

    Posted February 25 by Dave Labuda

    We recently announced the successful deployment of our Convergent Charging Solution at Telstra. Telstra is not only the largest CSP down under, but also has a growing international presence with operations spanning 15 countries. So it’s not surprising that they are at the forefront of bringing...

  • Keith Willetts

    The future is…egg shaped

    Posted February 11 by Keith Willetts

    Consolidation of the telecom sector continues apace with BT’s $19bn acquisition of the T-Mobile / Orange joint venture EE and the expected acquisition of Telefonica’s O2 by Hutchinson. Five UK mobile operators down to 3 in a short space of time and maybe more to come. The UK, along with...

  • Jennifer Kyriakakis

    Predictions 2015 – CSPs capitalize on LTE to transform the subs

    Posted January 29 by Jennifer Kyriakakis

    In 2014, the roll-out of LTE has been a major focus for communications service providers (CSPs), with over 300 LTE networks now in operation globally.  But super-fast data speeds and data-hungry consumers have brought their share of challenges for CSPs, and simply offering fast data access...

  • Ali Durmus

    Network CEOs – damned if they do, damned if they don’t

    Posted January 29 by Ali Durmus

    More and more network operators experiencing dropping voice revenues and increasing data usage are having to decide on future paths that may conflict with their past experience and investor sentiment.   Should they concentrate on building up their networks, increasing capacity and offering fa...

  • Keith Willetts

    Google Mobile – a wolf in wolf’s clothing?

    Posted January 27 by Keith Willetts

    The latest move by Google to launch as virtual mobile operator in the US may prove to be a turning point in the relationship between operators and their retail customers, hastening the much feared ‘dumb pipe’ future. I speculated on such a scenario in my book, ‘Unzipping the Digita...

  • Nanda Kumar

    Connectivity as a Service – what a novel idea!

    Posted January 26 by Nanda Kumar

    I have come up with an interesting concept for communications service providers (CSPs) - why not provide connectivity-as-a-service? Before you mark me as a madman, hear me out, there is some logic behind the question.   Fixed line network operators, from their earliest days, primarily built n...