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Partnering to ensure success in today’s digital universe

  • It’s probably fair to say that the information, communications and technology (ICT) industry is littered with the corpses of failed joint ventures, business partnerships and strategic collaborations that never quite achieved the ambitions of the parties involved. It’s an important reminder of why it is so important to get the details right before entering into strategic relationships such as these. A partnership should always be more than AI Partnershipthe sum of its parts in order to succeed.


    Despite the failures and missteps we have all witnessed over many years, the ability to partner remains an essential requirement for any successful business — and that has never been more true for the telecoms industry than now. Vendors and service providers are all under huge pressure to step outside their traditional comfort zones and embrace new technologies as well as new ways of working, while also accepting that they will not be able to do this on their own.


    A quick glance at the agendas for TM Forum events, for example, reveals a huge level of collaboration among vendors and operators as they seek to solve incredibly complex issues and create new solutions to support an increasingly digital world. Some of these collaborations morph into full-blown partnerships that are ultimately of enormous benefit to the partners involved, as they open up new target markets and expand the customer base — all owing to the development of collaborative solutions with input from multiple sources.


    At Etiya, from the very beginning it has certainly been our approach to work with technology partners whose products and solutions can benefit from our expertise — and vice versa, of course. Our portfolio of products, services and solutions has expanded enormously since we were founded in 2004, and partnerships provide us with the opportunity to tackle bigger markets and meet the ever-expanding requirements of our customers.


    For example, we have been able to integrate our new artificial intelligence-based solutions with broader digital platforms that increasingly support the new breed of digital service provider. Within the context of a partnership with software solutions and services specialist Openet, for instance, we contributed towards the launch of a telco-as-a-service solution by a tier 1 operator in North America, providing AI-driven customer experience management and self-care.


    This solution will provide the digital business platform for the operator to launch and manage a digital sub-brand. By using the solution on an ‘as-a-service’ basis, the operator will significantly reduce the risks and the up-front costs of setting up a new business.


    We’ve previously discussed the fact that telecoms operators are beginning to see secondary brands with new eyes, regarding them less as a necessary evil and more as a vehicle for radical change. By working with partners, we are able to support different service providers in their efforts to create new, digital businesses as part of an over-arching strategy to tackle the threat posed by over-the-top players head-on. In this new, digital universe, partnerships will help us all to succeed in the longer term.

    Chun-ling Woon
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