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What is the future of On-Line Social Communities?

  • I read that T-Mobile International and Nokia Corp. have announced that they are collaborating to accelerate the availability of new Internet services and personal social communities on mobile devices.By signing this collaboration agreement, T-Mobile and Nokia will be able to offer their European customers faster and easier access to all of T-Mobile's web'n'walk Internet services as well as to all Nokia's Ovi Internet services on a wide range of Nokia devices. Do you think that this step forward will attract more users to online communities, and will this type of service ever compete with SMS in the future?
    James Huntingford
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  • Isaac Alegre
    Isaac Alegre From my perspective, the only measure that have chances to succeed is a free access service. Otherwise, people will not be using social networks on their handsets
    19 June 2008
  • Michael Warren
    Michael Warren You've really got to hand it to the cell phone companies. They convinced the TDM circuit-switched world, which was powered by the telco and habituated to the Bell System reliablility standard of 99.9995%, that a "data-switched", power-it-yourself, you-don...  more
    23 June 2008
  • Nigel Deighton
    Nigel Deighton Well I guess I'll take a different view, about the only technology in the world with higher adoption and "personal value" is probably wristwatches.....................and I know folks who no longer wear them because their mobile can tell them the time.more
    1 July 2008
  • Werner Seitz
    Werner Seitz Social Communities open new areas of communication. To be connected and to show the presence status opens efficient communication to your networks on business and private level. The mobilization of social networks will open next step in worldwide communic...  more
    1 August 2008