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TMF Nice

  • Just back from Nice last week. What a great part of the world, unfortunately I was working with the rest of the TelcoProfessionals team so didnt get to see to much of the scenery. Our purpose was to meet existing clients in the OSS space and to also conduct key interviews with CxO level candidates from the Vendors. Well the news is positive everyone we interviewed had a story of success in what is a pretty depressing marketplace. The interviews will be live on TelcoProfessionals over the next few days so stay tuned. My role primarily is to develop interest on www.telcoprofessionalsjobs.com our new job board, once again I would say 'have a look' there are some really good positions available with more being advertised everyday. So to sum I feel the OSS/BSS is still surviving and there are some great products and great opportunities out there!!
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