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Android versus Oracle

  • Take a look at this eWeek article on Oracle versus Google.  This is no longer SUN protecting the Java for the benefit of CIOs and Developers. This is a turf battle. You have to know that IBM and Microsoft are enjoying this immensely. For Microsoft - it is showing the world that despite not being "open" in the strict sense, .NET is being treated as such. 

    IBM is more interesting. They are very much platform agnostic with their Rational tools - but they are a primary UNIX and JAVA provider - in the form of AIX and WebSphere. They would do well to get closer to Microsoft... but how?  The OS2 versus Windows 1.0 must still sting. Microsoft does not give IBM much room to add value... unless MS brings in IBM to help it build enterprise class system architectures that compete with J2EE. 

    This would be my guess.  As a CIO that does not want to fool with Oracle... perhaps an IBM / MS combination (MS .NET and IBM Integration) to rejuvenate the backoffice might be a nice balance, I would look for IBM to offer a non-Java integration / SOA solution just for this purpose.

    - Doug

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