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Bored of the iphone yet? Maybe you soon will be

  • I noticed on my facebook wall today a female friend of mine had flagged up the question - HTC or iphone 4GS, please help? Kate is a typical non-techie 30 year old who after a whole tone of people chipping in with suggestions then posted:

    "Thanks for ur comments everyone. I have an iPhone...and fancy somethig differnt! Battery on an iPhone is crap too! Just a bit bored of it!"

    I think the above indicates just what a fickle bunch us mobile phone consumers are and the problem Apple is going to come across. In some way apple are a victim of there own success - not only does everyone have one (so iphones are now far from cool) but the biggest reason they have an issue is exactly the reason their products are so good - they continually improve the experience to existing customers by updating the OS. I have a 3GS and don't see any reason to buy a iphone 4 or 4GS at all the. The camera on the 4 was terrible and simply none of the improved features really offer anything genuinely new

    I've also realised that after initially buying apps most of the ones I actually use are now pretty much standard across all formats and frankly the charts with the exception of some of the games rarely change. Also many mobile sites are now much better than the apps for the same companies - take This process will only become more true with companies preferring not to pay Apple for in-app purchases. Therefore the killer app is not in fact the app store anymore - those times have gone.

    What bugs me most about my iphone is the lack of integration with products I use everyday like outlook and also the hugely annoying process to take a SIM out / inability to get to your battery. I also have an accessory to plug into it because of the issue hearing people from the speaker. Hmm - whilst I'm at it... it also drops calls everytime it hands over from 3G to GSM networks.

    Don't get me wrong I'm an iphone fan but at the same time when from time to time I lose my phone and I have to go back to my trustee old N95 there is something satisfying about the experience.

    Nokia's launch of it's new Lumia 800 could not be more well timed - Apple has lost the magic and I think there's plenty of bored people out there. Nokia don't let me down!

    Neil Martin
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