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Taking into account regional differences in style when hiring sales people

  • As a headhunter, I am regularly asked to supply regional sales executives across EMEA. One of the thing that never ceases to amaze me is the clear differences in style and attitude of sales people within the different territories. Clearly the sales style of a UK sales person is very different from a counterpart in Spain and equally both are completely different to that of a German. Further regional differences include the way vendors interact with the Operators in general - where in Western Europe direct touch sales is often the preferred route - in Russia attempting that is almost impossible . I often find that whilst medium sized companies look to regionalise their sales force to take account of local differences quite often they don't change their criteria over and above, for example "must be German speaking, based in Dusseldorf and have contacts in...". Quite often people recruit people that they like or are indeed are like them and if the hiring manager is a non-nonsense aggressive personality type then they look for the same all their recruits - however in some regions this style simply does not work and interviewers should always be mindful that when hiring key sales staff.
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