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Marketing a startup / Medium sized vendor in todays market

  • I was first introduced to the Telco market some 10 years ago when mobile telecoms was at the hight of it's money making madness. Investors and existing Telcos were investing vast amounts into all manor of operator startups all over the globe. Quite simply there weren't enough people to do all the work and salaries and day rates went through the roof. I remember paying an LOS person £400 a day to walk up onto a roof and confirm he could see another point using binoculars.

    Quite simply the market for companies in telecoms and those in it was crazy - you did not need to be a slick company or a technical genius to do extremely well - in fact some thought that GSM stood for God sent money.

    Things are different now though - all the companies and all the spaces they serve within Telecoms have matured, stablised and become fiercely competitive. No matter whether you are a base station manufacturer, a billing company or a next generation VAS company there is a mass of competition out there. It is a hard task being a new entrant. Not only that over the past year new startups have faced a massive battle to get the sort of funding until now has been considered pretty normal.

    The question is how does one take a start up vendor or a medium sized company looking for growth and aggressively market it directly to it's key audience? Well obviously hiring a team of direct sales people and marketing professionals help, but if that is too costly the good news is that can genuinely help!

    Through sponsored blogs, banner campaigns, event mailer sponsorship, profile videos and direct marketing we are able to drive traffic to our clients websites or even more effectively generate meetings at global shows (see the list of shows on the right hand side of the home page). We are also in the process of building another area of the site which will allow companies to showcase themselves in their spaces, list up correct information about their products and importantly be easily found by companies researching just who has new technologies that could be of interest to them.

    All the above can be achieved at a fraction of the price expected and provides a real return on investment. Get in touch with us if you want to hear more about our no-brainer proposition!


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