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Mobile Social Networking Forum Show in London 9th-10th March - What the future has in store...

  • As co-founder of TelcoProfessionals I attended the 1st Mobile Social Networking Forum show this week in London. The mobile social networking space seems to have a lot of buzz about it at the moment, which you would expect given the fact social networking is exploding globally at the moment. As an industry in general social and professional networking is dominated by a few large players such as Linkedin and Xing in the professional space and Facebook, Myspace and Beebo in the social space. What is increasingly clear is that the existing players need to innovate quickly to keep up with changing user behaviour as new entrants to the market try to shake up the status quo.

    There are a couple of key areas that new entrants are changing the landscape of social networking - clearly there is demand for more focused niche social & professional networks that provide the users with highly relevant content such as, and one of the main other areas of interest it mobilising social networks.

    At first level you need to make sure your social network looks properly formatted on mobile devices, and many of the companies at the show providing social networking platforms could certainly help with that. At a second level other companies such as Colibria, could help users download short cut buttons to enhance the mobile user interface. The above two stages are really about taking what already exists on the internet and making it available on mobile devices, but the 3rd stage is what could potentially revolutionise the market and make your mobile device you 1st choice device to view social networks ? the development of mobile only services. Google Latitude, allowing users to see where other users are located at any particular times, could be incorporated into niche social networking sites and many more original ideas seem to be coming through.

    The Mobile Social Networking Forum show in London showed how much room the industry still has to grow and evolve, and no doubt this particular show (with 2000 pre-registrations) will grow and grow as the importance of having a presence in mobile social and professional networking becomes clear to individuals and companies looking for new marketing / advertising avenues.
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