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Clear minds look to the Cloud

  • In Barcelona for MWC last week the outlook was all clear skies with a temperature that was very acceptable for the time of year. But it seemed as if the telco service providers at the event were more interested than ever before in looking to the Cloud, and for companies like us, that means the temperature is rising as the market heats up.

    AsiaInfo MWC Cloud

    Before the show started we released the results of our in-depth analysis of one section of the annual industry survey. Working with the team, we analysed only the results of the operators who took part in the survey and concentrated on the section relating to BSS.


    Around 700 operator respondents took part in the survey and at least 300 of them – often many more – answered the survey questions on the future of BSS, and their attitude to the deployment of complete BSS solutions in the Cloud. A large majority (73 per cent) believed that, in the future, all Telco BSS systems will be cloud-based.


    And while there are some understandable security concerns around deployment in the public cloud, these are not as strongly held, line in the sand, barriers as you might imagine.


    At AsiaInfo we were certainly ahead of this trend, and were first out of the traps, deploying our full Veris suite of software in a high configurable public-cloud format in partnership with Amazon Web Services. This partnership represents the first fruits of our longer-term strategic alliance with Amazon which we announced at the beginning of the month.


    The survey results, and the buzz at MWC, says that this is the right strategic move – and certainly the number of operator meetings we are having at the show speaks volumes to the size of the opportunity and the scale of the interest.


    With a steady flow of visitors to our booth to experience cloud-based demonstrations, run completely from AWS servers in Ireland, we certainly made our mark at MWC – from the exhibition floor, to the conference stage, and in the media: AsiaInfo’s Cloud Core approach captured headlines, attention, and audience interest.


    You can read more about the survey in our white paper “Clear Minds or Clouded thinking”. It is available to download here.

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