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Distribute, Promote, Track and Monetize

  • Distribute, Promote, track and monetize. 

    That sounds pretty good to me but it also sounds pretty difficult if you consider it across the mediums of social networks, mobile and desktop platforms.  

    However, if you want to establish a successful strategy for widgets and online applications, you must be able to execute on each of these activities and the more simple the better. 

    Adobe announced two days ago at the IAB MIXX Conference and Expo, the Adobe® Flash® Platform Services for Distribution, a new service that enables advertisers and content publishers to promote, measure and monetize applications across social networks, desktops and mobile devices.

    To help accomplish this, Adobe is partnering with Gigya to provide the distribution services platform, including a unified management tool.

    The solution consists of the following components:


    Single Click Sharing on the desktop, mobile and social platforms allow for viral distribution.  

    Simplified Mobile distribution allows users to receive an SMS, click a link and the distribution service detects the device and delivers the version of the application that is developed and optimized for that specific device (iPhone, Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 are currently supported in beta mode).

    Promote and Track

    The ability to track and measure distribution and customer usage allows publishers and developers the ability to focus their efforts on activities that are working successfully and either attempt to improve or discontinue efforts that are not.

    Allowing developers to view this type of information is critical to success.  With so many applications on MySpace or the App store its beyond daunting to try and get the word out let alone understand if your efforts are effective or not. 


    Publishers and developers can generate revenue through cross‐promotion of other Web applications.  According to Mobile Marketing, when users click to download an application, the product features enable publishers and developers to offer another Web application to the user.

    It will be very interesting to see how this works in the marketplace and how quickly publishers and developers adopt it but the general solution capability and value proposition is the future for widget and online application marketing and development.

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