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The Global Roaming Phone

  • We are Launching THE GLOBAL ROAMING PHONE integrated with Intelligent Least Cost Routing Technology, insert your local SIM into our phone & enjoy savings while roaming overseas.

    Our mobile phone works as a normal phone does when the customer is in his/her home country making local calls.

    3 ways The Global Roaming Phone will save money on the traveller's mobile bill

    1.       When you call abroad from your home or office, the technology 'takes over' the call and routes it through our intelligent least cost routing facilities, instead of your regular operator. As we only use tier 1 carriers so there is no compromise on the quality of the calls.

    2.       When you are on vacation or travelling for business and you ring your family or clients, our CALLGSM Roaming Phone will use the seamless callback solution to connect your call. This adds a couple of seconds to the set up of the call, but quality is not compromised as we only use 1st tier roaming partners.

    3.       When someone rings you on your regular number, our intelligent low cost forwarding system will connect your call ensuring that you will not receive any high bills for receiving a few calls while travelling overseas.

    All the solutions work automatically without any involvement from the user. The phone knows where and when to activate the technology.

    We will also integrate our Intelligent HLR for US travellers and residents, witch gives travellers to US unbeatable low cost roaming in all states of US as well as low cost calling from US.  

    Also a business person will look more professional using our solution compared to other roaming solutions as our technology forwards your “ local number “, which means you don’t have to operate with different numbers for different destinations. This works whether you are calling from home and abroad or calling while travelling abroad.

    Other solutions/operators require you to hold one account for each country or state, using our solution, you operate through just ONE account, now your finance department or you as a business owner can keep better control over all mobile and telecom expenses.

    Key benefits using CallGSM’s ROAM Phone

    • You keep your regular local business mobile number (just insert your local SIM into our Global Roaming Phone)

    • You are reachable on your number through low cost intelligent forwarding

    • You make international calls at very low costs

    • You make phonecalls when traveling at very low costs.

    • You have access to voicemail and other shortcodes globally.

    • You can download mail and check internet through global low cost GPRS

    We are looking for corporates and value added partners to introduce this global solution to the world’s travellers and executive business travellers. Don't hesitate to contact:

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