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OTT, Telco 2.0 and 2-sided Business model

  • In principle I am all for Telco 2.0 and Over The Top (OTT) products and services and 2-sided business model principle discussed.

    What I do question is the constant focus from Telco 2.0 blog on the humongous $-value opportunities and the 2-sided business model. To be blunt it bores me.


    I feel there are a 1999-2000 .COM approach to it all. And in all honesty that has hit gravity long time ago. The new economy was a bit like Flower Power in the 60ies. It didn’t work.


    In an executive brainstorm session some years ago Feargal Sharkey CEO of British music suggested in a key note presentation that CSPs had 2-choices:

    1.     Implement OTT as a service, or

    2.     Implement as a business

    He suggested as a business like Amazone, Apple and not as a service like Twitter and Facebook.


    I will just suggest to have a look at Vodafone 360 and point Telco 2.0 to the fact that in order to cash in on these phenomenal opportunities they need to do a significantly better job at addressing financial models in general and pricing, margin and revenue models in particular.


    I rest my case.

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