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Everything 2.0, is it the new .COM?


    Reading Telco 2.0 blogs (for which I am potentially a great believer), vendors’ White Papers and editorials 2.0 seems to be the answer.

    But, I am getting confused as to what are the questions.

    2.0 whatever is being put in front of it i.e. Telco 2.0, WEB 2.0… seems to rest on one common denominator – New Business Models. And there it tends to stop.

    No one seems to address or suggest the revenue models needed to be implemented to support new business models. Implementing 2.0 (whatever is being but in front of it) as a service i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Spotify or as a business i.e. iTunes, Amazon, are all based on “new business models”, however the underlying revenue models are radically different and not necessarily complementary.

    I remember I attended a Telco 2.0 executive brainstorm in London some time ago. A person from Spotify presented. Just to have said it, I am a happy user of "FREE" Spotify, so this is not against Spotify - will they ever make millions?. After his presentation I commented, since they are Swedish; If Telcos adopt this thinking it would be like going through the ice of a frozen lake in Sweden on a cold autumn day. And like most people would naturally do while under the ice is to go for the light spots on the ice to get above it. As you can probably figure, this is wrong, go for the black spot that is where the hole is.

    With current IT asset base it is not easy to implement new revenue models as data models, business logics and processes need to be very different to the origin of why these assets were implemented. Hence, changing them is costly and perceived risky.

    But if the alternative is to implement ......2.0 as a service hoping revenue will come later as customer base increases sounds a bit like .Com to me, and that suddenly caught gravity, the rest is history.

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