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What hasn't happened in the telco industry.......Yet

  • Winston Churchill once pointed out, in response to a question about the qualities necessary to be an effective politician, that one needed “the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year. And have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn’t happen.”

    Why it is not straight forward to introduce change…

    The history lesson boils down to this: beware the failure to introduce new business and revenue models if you want to introduce new non traffic or meter price modeled products.  Because it turns out that you can’t really build next generation products on a foundation of last-generation business logic.  This point matters: a failure to learn the lessons of the past means history is doomed to repeat itself and this time, CSPs need to get Over The Top based products’ revenue models right.


    Let’s be clear.  This is not to suggest that connection- or meter based business models should be abandoned. It’s simply that their place on the menu needs to be redefined.  I suggest to look at the nature of content, license or priced item products in isolation from connection, meter and complex rating and in so doing define a separate business strategy for new products requiring new revenue models.  In so doing, we can grasp what processes are needed to make everything work given low margin but high streaming or “the fast moving goods nature” of the content, license or priced item product business, and what systems will be needed to automate these processes, thereby supporting the new business strategy all the way. But with an approach complementing the legacy, not necessarily replace.


    Fundamentally, a business to process to IT or “business in” approach is needed and the network out approach should be toned down (not abandoned).

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