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Nice last week, is the "outlook" Nice?

  • Me too, I was in Nice last week. I attended the 6 Telco 2.0 Brainstorm session, that ran parallel to the TM-forum. The first ? day they held together and the rest except for exhibition was separate. As both were hosted in the same venue visitors and delegate mixed.
    My feeling was a surprisingly positive attitude and upbeat spirit, given the financial circumstances. I am not at all saying it was halleluiah, but certainly better than watching BBC news.
    As always, new products and the need for additional and new business models were key topics, represented by, mBlox and various operators. These groups initiated and discussed from where they are, trying to argue why their model is the correct.
    My take on it is, and questions I like your view:
    1.Product life-cycle management in a telco is traditionally different from that of and Amazone
    Q:Are their ways to have these complemented and co-exists in one operation?, not merged
    2.The price mechanisms are different ? Internet is pricing and telco rating
    Q:Any thoughts?
    3.Internet companies operate on a 24 hour delivery basis while telcos operate on a mill/sec delivery basis
    Q:Are telcos in a position, if so do they have the capability to create synergy?
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