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What drives convergence and is the telco approach competitive?

  • I am a lucky owner an iPhone provided by my company that have an agreement with O2 in the UK. I work in the UK but live in another country with my family. Obviously I have lots of international private calls that I should pay for myself, but I do not pay a penny. On my iPhone I have applications such as Skype, Truephone, and iCall. Guess what? My wife has Skype and Truephone as well on her PC. My daughter has Skype on her iTouch, which connects to our Wi-Fi at home.

    The points I am driving towards are:
    1.On my iPhone I have 3-4 voice applications/services that are totally independent of the operator.
    - Voice and access are unbundled!
    2.My iPhone can connect to GSM, 3G cellular as well as Wi-Fi fixed, making many of my iPhone applications to be nomadically distributed.
    - The traditional Telco delivery chain is broken!
    3.I am not dependent on i.e. my daughter having a phone with a subscription, in order to talk to her.
    - The walled garden is being broken down!

    The messages are:
    1. Convergence is not driven by operators on a network level, but by application and services level, and operators cannot do anything with it other than relate to the fact and accept it and adapt.
    - Service Deliver Frameworks is getting a better traction than IMS!
    2. My main expectation is set by the device I have.
    - My device manufacturer has what is the equivalent to SDF, in my case iTunes.
    3. The operators are still trying to tie me a subscription.
    - The product and services I buy through the likes of iTunes is not dependent on me being a subscriber and no products are rated but priced.

    Someone once said: ?You can halt an army, but cannot stop an idea that has reached its maturity?.

    While ARPU is a measure related to customer, meaning "what is this customer worth to me" the operator, priced products reflect the value of a product to my customer. - "What is the product worth to my customer".

    The collective financial success of my product portfolio is my business success.

    Today's support solutions are very much engineered and put in place to support me - the operator - in measuring the value of a customer and not the value of a product to my business, to add value and adapt to applications and service as drivers of convergence, and devices as the driver of customer expectations we need to change some mindsets and approaches.
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